Terms and Conditions

All you need to know about our terms and conditions.

Welcome to Medqbase!

Medqbase is an online learning platform on the website https://medqbase.ng operated by MRI Medic Qbase Limited. We help our users (you) prepare for medical and health related exams by giving you access to the largest database of questions.

The following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) govern the relationship between you and us and will answer the most relevant of your legal related questions for using Medqbase and our services. Read them carefully.

In particular, these T&Cs inform you about the following

  • the start and end of our contract,
  • the payment for your subscription,
  • your right of withdrawal,
  • our liability and
  • copyright and ownership of our content.

1. How do I get to use Medqbase and when do I enter into a binding contract?

  1. In order to use Medqbase, you need to create an account or register on the site. By doing so, you enter into a binding contract with us.
  2. You may only use Medqbase for personally studying for medical and health related examinations No other usage is allowed, especially business purposes or sharing your account with other people.
  3. Medqbase will not use or give out your registration details.

2. What can I do with Medqbase?

  1. Medqbase provides extensive resources to guide you through your preparation for a medical examination.
  2. We offer a free registration (basic account) with limited access to our content and functions as well as a paid subscription which grants full access to the question bank.
  3. You can use Medqbase for private purposes only.
  4. For teaching and other purposes we offer special licenses (e.g. campus, image or instructor licenses). Please contact us if you are interested in our licenses.

3. How much does it cost and how does the payment work?

  1. Registration and usage of the basic account are free of charge.
  2. You will find prices for our premium accounts on our pricing page.
  3. All prices are in naira, however we also accept the dollar equivalent.
  4. We accept payments via Visa and Mastercard. Payments are due in advance before access is granted for full use of the database.

4. How long does my contract last?

  1. Free registrations last forever, but you and us are both allowed to cancel the contract by the end of the current month.
  2. Paid subscriptions are either entered for six months or twelve months.

5. Does my paid subscription renew automatically?

  1. Yes, unless you or we have cancelled it.

6. How do I cancel?

  1. You can cancel any contract at any time via email to subscription@medqbase.ng
  2. Once cancelled, your account will stay active until the end of your current contract period (see ยง 4). Please note that any unused time in the last billing cycle cannot be prorated or refunded.
  3. Upon termination of your premium account, it will be switched automatically back to the basic account.

7. What if I don't like your services?

  1. If you are not happy for whatever reason, you can cancel your premium account within the first 7 days after first becoming a premium account user. Your termination becomes effective immediately.

8. What is Medqbase's liability and how is it limited?

  1. We are proud to ensure Medqbase's availability of 99%. Technical shortcomings of Medqbase and either announced or unannounced repair or maintenance works may lead to further restrictions or interruptions.
  2. We can neither guarantee the validity nor the accuracy of educational content provided on Medqbase, but we work closely together with experts in every field to make sure you get the most accurate content. If you spot a mistake, please let us know and we will carefully review and fix as soon as we can.